What is A Saliva Collection Kit Used For



Isohelix is the proud manufacturer of the GeneFix range of high-quality saliva collection kits.  The GeneFix kits have been developed in house by our experienced team of experts to obtain the best results possible for saliva sampling.

What is an Isohelix kit used for?

The Isohelix saliva test kits can be used for a variety of study types such as RNA collection, oral microbiome collection and saliva DNA collection. In addition to this, the saliva samples can then be used for many downstream processes including genotyping, sequencing, SNP and diagnostic use, as well as more recently being utilized for testing purposes such as for the Sars-covid-19 virus.

How does an Isohelix Saliva kit work?

Our saliva kits work by collecting a small sample using our patented, specially designed funnel which is then stored in a tube containing our own stabilizing buffer. Furthermore our buffers are non-hazardous and work to instantly stabilize the DNA/RNA in the sample, preventing degradation of the DNA/RNA, therefore ensuring the best possible yield.

How long is an Isohelix saliva sample stabilized for?

Isohelix saliva collection kits can keep DNA stabilized at room temperature for 5 years and RNA stabilized for 28 days. In addition to this is the Isohelix saliva RNA collection kit, which can keep RNA stabilized at room temperature for 2 months. Lastly, all Isohelix saliva collection kits are also suitable for freezing at temperatures down to -80°C for longer term storage.

How to use an Isohelix saliva kit

All of our collectors include a detailed and printed instruction manual on how to collect a saliva sample using your specific collector. Additionally our instructions are also viewable and downloadable on our website as well as being available in multiple languages.

Patient Instructions for Saliva Collection

  • Unscrew cap and keep safe
  • Screw funnel on to tube
  • Spit in to funnel to top line
  • Replace cap and discard funnel
  • Shake well to mix solution

How to get the best saliva test samples

To make sure you get the best possible yields from your sample, follow these easy but highly important tips that could make the difference in your saliva sample:

  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before providing a sample
  • Follow the instructions carefully and precisely
  • Fill to the line, ignore any foam and/or bubbles, these don’t count

Are Isohelix saliva collection kits safe to use?

The Isohelix range of saliva collectors are completely non-hazardous and safe to be used by all persons without professional supervision. To find out more information on the safety of our products, please view our “Keeping You Safe” page.

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