GeneFix Saliva DNA Microbiome Collection & Stabilization

Collection & Stabilization Devices for Saliva Microbiome DNA

MFX Is An Easy To Use Saliva Collection Device That Stabilizes Microbiome DNA For Over 12 Months

No Freezing Required

Microbial DNA is Perfectly Preserved at Room Temperature


  • Instructions

    Patient Instructions for Saliva Collection

  • Applications Notes

    GeneFix Saliva Collectors & Kits for Human DNA Oral Microbiome Analysis

  • MSDS

    Microbiome DNA Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Codes

GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector for 2 x 1ml Samples
GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector for 12 x 1ml Samples
GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector for 50 x 1ml Samples

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