Isohelix™ RapiDri™ Buccal Swabs with Self-Drying Pouch

Once placed into the RapiDri™ pouch, the microporous membrane quickly and actively dries the swab. This fully stabilizes the DNA on the swab matrix, thereby protecting the DNA, its maximal yield and integrity. In our laboratories the stability and DNA preservation has been tested to be at least 3 months at ambient and in many cases considerably longer.

The RapiDri™ pouch also protects the DNA from cross contamination by acting as a physical transport pack to protect the DNA sample. As importantly, it actively repels any accidental wetting from the outside due to the pouch’s hydrophobic structure which protects from any possible backward cross flow contamination.

The entire contents are Ethylene Oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNA contamination.

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  • Isohelix™ matrix Maintains Integrity Long Term
  • Ambient Stability maximizes DNA yield
  • Integrated Solution for cost effective DNA collection
  • Easy to handle and quick to use
  • Rapid Self-Stabilization for intact genomic DNA
  • Reduces Contamination Risk DNA-Free components and sealed shipping pouch


  • Research genotyping
  • Veterinary genotyping and diagnostics
  • Paternity and heredity services
  • Forensics and DNA population studies


Isohelix™ Buccal Swab with RapiDri™ Pouch and Barcode Label, (pk200)

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