GeneFix Saliva DNA Isolation

DNA Isolation Kits For Stabilized Saliva Samples

GeneFiX™ DNA Isolation Kits Ensure maximum high purity DNA yields.

Which Kit is Right For Me?

Saliva-Prep 2

  • Precipitation Method
  • Volumes Up To 2ml
  • No Columns or Filtration
  • Reduced Protocol Steps
  • Simple Yet Efficient - Easy To Use
  • High Yields - Over 300µg From 2ml of Saliva
  • High Throughput Protocol for DeepWell Plates
  • Fully Optimized For Use With Saliva
  • No Hazardous or Solvent Chemicals


  • Silica Based Spin Columns
  • Very High Purity DNA
  • DNA Free From Trace PCR Inhibitors
  • Manual or High Throughput Formats
  • Maintains Integrity of Genomic DNA
  • Improved Success in Demanding Downstream Applications
  • Optimized for Saliva & Buccal DNA
  • No Hazardous or Solvent Chemicals


  • Magnetic Bead Method
  • Volumes Up To 2ml
  • Fast & Reliable
  • For Medium to High Throughput
  • High Purity & Yields
  • Includes Binding Capacity Beads
  • Uses Original Tubes to Reduce Waste & Cost
  • Developed Specifically For Saliva
  • No Hazardous or Solvent Chemicals


  • Direct-To-PCR
  • Efficiently & Quickly Removes PCR Inhibitors
  • Shorter Handling Times
  • Avoids Lengthy DNA Isolation Protocols
  • Faster & Easier Preparation of Samples
  • Allows Reliable Amplification of DNA
  • Optimised for PCR & qPCR
  • Developed for Saliva
  • No Hazardous or Solvent Chemicals

Take Your Samples To Another Level Of Purity

DNA CleanUp (DCU)

DNA Cleanup Kit Is a Secondary Isolation Protocol That Further Improves The DNA Purification From Contaminated Saliva Or Buccal Samples

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