Saliva DNA/RNA collection, stabilization, and transport

SaliFix™ Swab Collectors maximise Saliva DNA/RNA sampling and includes the latest NEW SwabCatcher™ format

  • Saliva DNA/RNA collection, stabilization, and transport
  • Manual or automated-processing
  • At home or clinic collection
  • Viable alternative to blood collection
  • Instant stabilization to maximize DNA /RNA
  • Long term stabilization at Room Temperature
  • Optimized for extraction with Isohelix and other DNA kits
  • Rapid saliva collection


The SaliFix Swab Collector includes a SwabCatcher tube for improved sample handling, automation friendly and long term DNA/RNA preservation

Product Codes

50 X SaliFix™ SwabCatcher tubes prefilled with 1ml SaliFix™ buffer, individually wrapped foam saliva swab and instructions

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