GeneFix Saliva DNA/RNA Collection

Easy to use DNA & RNA saliva collection devices 


Microbiome Collector
  • Stabilises Microbiome DNA at Room Temperature
  • No Freezing Required
  • Instant Stabilisation
  • No Trace DNA Contamination
  • Non-Toxic
  • Compatible to Most Downstream Chemistries
  • Easy To Use
  • Unique Funnel Prevents Spillages
  • Pre-Filled Stabilisation Buffer
  • Optimised With GeneFix Isolation Kits
  • Compatible with Manual and HT Kits

GeneFix Contents

GFX-01 DNA RNA leaflet inside March 2021


Contains easy to use instructions for the collector as well as other useful information


Tested to 95kpa and includes a unique barcode


Features a unique anti-spill design

Blister Pack

Holds the contents of the kit whilst providing an easy to use transport medium

GeneFix Features

Blister Pack

All GeneFix kits come in our specialised blister pack that holds the contents safely and securely for transport



Each tube has it’s own individual barcode making sample tracing easy and effective 


Fill Lines

Each tube has clear and precise fill lines making it easier for users to know how much sample to provide



Our unique anti-spill funnel design means that even when being knocked over the sample will not spill


GeneFix Offers Superior Performance

GeneFix DNA Collectors’ fully optimized chemistry offers improvements over alternative collectors in both purity and yield, through a range of DNA purification methodologies.

Absorbance A260/280

Comparison of DNA Yields

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