A Few Ways In Which GeneFix Ensures Your Safety Is Priority

Guanidine Free

All Isohelix buffers yield maximum performance without any use of potentially hazardous guanidinium salts or other solvents. There are no adverse or potentially hazardous chemical reactions to worry about when using a common bleach for cleaning or disinfecting Isohelix collectors and buffers.

Our products are compatible with most disinfection protocols.

Inactivates Covid-19

It is comforting to know that all Isohelix buffers, including GeneFix, have been proved to completely inactivate Covid-19 and common respiratory viruses.

GeneFix saliva collectors are routinely used as a safe and non-invasive collection device for both Covid-19 testing and research collection, negating hazard concerns around infection.


Our buffers do not use toxic components, a valuable benefit for both researchers and patients of any age if any accidental spillage of the buffer occurs either on the patients or from any resulting spillages during sample collection or laboratory processing.


All Isohelix buffers are also considered a low hazard in terms of any accidental spillages onto surfaces or the environment.

Always Follow the Instructions

Whilst our buffers Inactivate Covid-19, are non-toxic and non-hazardous you should always follow the advice and safety directions in the instructions.

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