High Quality Products for Collecting, Stabilizing and Extracting DNA

Buccal Swabs

Swab Collection

Isohelix buccal swabs are designed with a unique matrix to increase yields of high quality DNA samples.

Our swabs are available in a variety of tube and quantity options to best suit your application and maximize your samples.

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Collection & Stabilization

SK-1S & Dri-Capsules

Silica gel capsules that are designed to fit perfectly in to SK-1S tubes for long term stabilization of buccal cell DNA samples.

SK-3S/4S & BuccalFix

BuccalFix liquid stabilization buffer tubes are ideal for maximizing sample yield & quality at the point of collection for the best possible results.


RapiDri combines an Isohelix swab with a fast-drying pouch that stabilizes DNA samples at room temperature without the need for additional components.


Collection & Stabilization


The GFX-01 is a high performing and easy to use saliva collection device for collecting 1ml of saliva DNA/RNA. Available for diagnostic and research purposes.

Ideal for genotyping.


The GFX-02 is designed for collecting 2ml of saliva DNA/RNA for applications that demand greater yields. Available for diagnostic and research purposes.

Ideal for whole genome sequencing.


The GFX-03 Xtra uses 1ml of our concentrated buffer to stabilize 3ml of saliva DNA/RNA for when maximum quantity is required. Available for research purposes.

Ideal for biobanking.


The GFXA-01 includes absorbent foam swabs for assisted collection of 1ml of saliva DNA/RNA when self collection is not possible. Available for diagnostic and research purposes.

Ideal for paediatrics.


Isohelix DNA extraction kits are designed specifically for buccal swab samples to achieve better yields and quality than the equivalent generic kit.

Our kits are available in a variety of different method options to fit directly in to your existing workflows .

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