Collection & Stabilization Device for 3ml of Saliva DNA & RNA

Xtra DNA Collect GFX-03 Can Collect 3ml of Saliva & Stabilize DNA For Up To 60 Months

  • Stabilizes DNA & RNA at Room Temperature
  • Total DNA Yields Exceeding 300μg/µl
  • Pre-Filled Stabilization Buffer
  • Optimized with GeneFix Isolation Kits
  • Non Toxic – Easy to Use
  • Unique Funnel Design Prevents Spillages or Buffer Flow Back
  • Suitable for Field, Home Use & Clinic-Based Sampling
  • Collection Tube Specified to 95kPa for Leak Proof Mailing

Product Codes

GeneFiX™ 3ml DNA Saliva Collector for 2 x 1ml Samples

GeneFiX™ 3ml DNA Saliva Collector for 12 x 1ml Samples

GeneFiX™ 3ml DNA Saliva Collector for 50 x 2ml Samples

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