Isohelix Launches NEW GeneFiX™ Saliva Xtra DNA Collection kit

Isohelix Launches NEW GeneFiX™ Saliva Xtra DNA Collection kit

The GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA collectors are trusted worldwide to provide high yields of quality DNA, but if you need even more DNA, we have introduced The ‘Xtra DNA Collect’ – designed to collect 3ml of Saliva thus improving yields over the standard GeneFiX™ and 1ml and 2 ml collectors. Our high performance buffer has been concentrated to allow collection of 3ml saliva samples into just 1ml of buffer, increasing yield by up to 50% for all your tricky donors or for further downstream testing

Isohelix™ Launches NEW StoolFiX™ Gut Microbiome Stabilization kits

StoolFiX™ is designed to be used in combination with well published Isohelix swabs for the easy collection and  stabilization of microbial DNA from fecal samples. The kit requires minimal sample handling, and uses a  non-toxic stabilization buffer creating an easy to use collection device that can be used within the laboratory or at remote patient collection sites.

The StoolFiX™ tube is fully transport tested, and eliminates cold chain shipping by stabilizing DNA for one month at room temperature for high yields of intact DNA.

Isohelix™ is proud to be a commercial partner to DnaNudge

recently opened their flagship Covent Garden store, where customers can take a quick DNA test using our well-known buccal swabs in order to receive suggestions (nudges) towards healthier choices, based on genetic predispositions.

The Isohelix swab is ideal for quickly collecting sufficient DNA to perform fast and accurate analysis for commercial and healthcare testing.

Isohelix™ Launches New Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit

Magnetic bead DNA isolation is a fast and reliable method for medium to high throughput purification of DNA samples.

Isohelix has developed the Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit specifically for DNA saliva samples, achieving a fast and efficient methodology, with the maximum purity and yield required for demanding downstream applications.

The kit includes high binding capacity beads with a large surface area for fast attachment, enabling rapid isolation of intact genomic DNA from GeneFiX sample collectors.

Variable volumes can be processed, from a full GeneFiX 2ml saliva collector, to a 0.5ml saliva aliquot, allowing for flexibility and repeated sampling.

As with all Isohelix DNA isolation kits, no harmful or toxic buffers are used, to allow safe, straightforward sample processing.

To enhance this offering, we have designed a custom magnetic rack, designed to enable the rapid purification of up to 12 full GeneFiX saliva samples, in their original tubes. There is also capacity for 6 microtubes for processing smaller aliquots.

Introducing the New RapiDri™ Buccal Swab Kit

Isohelix has developed a new integrated Buccal DNA collection and Stabilization kit, perfect for at-home DNA Sampling

Utilising the Isohelix high-yield swab matrix to collect buccal cells, the swab is then placed into the innovative RapiDri™ pouch for return shipping, and sealed with the barcoded sticker supplied.

The RapiDri™ pouch stabilizes DNA long term at room temperature, to improve call rates and reduce resampling.

For ease of use, collection instructions are printed on the package, and the contents are Ethylene Oxide treated to ensure no hDNA contamination.

How can you collect a Saliva sample when the Patient can’t spit?

GeneFix DNA and RNA saliva collectors provide a simple and effective way to collect and stabilize a saliva specimen, and have been fully optimized to provide the highest quality DNA sample for analysis. The collection method involves the patient spitting into a funnel, which is attached to a tube containing DNA stabilizing buffer.

This method is very simple, but there will be some patients who are not able to spit into a funnel, which presents a challenge. These could be infants, elderly or patients with disabilities.

To address this issue, Isohelix offers Assisted collectors across the GeneFix range. The Assisted collectors are provided with a set of absorbent foam swabs, and the sample is collected by the simple method of soaking up saliva using the swab, and then squeezing the saliva out against the inside of the funnel. This allows collection of significantly more DNA than can be collected using a buccal swab, without invasive methods such as blood draw.

GFXA-01 – Assisted Collection & Stabilization Device for Saliva DNA & RNA

Welcome Aboard Nina, Sales Manager – Europe

We are very excited to welcome Nina to the team at Isohelix. Nina brings a wealth of experience in life science sampling and customer focus, and will be working face to face with our customers in the UK and Europe, helping them to find the best solution to their DNA sampling workflows through our innovative sample collection, stabilisation and purification products.

Isohelix™ increases its commitment to ISO, GMP and QC standards

We welcome Ann Harrison who is an experienced ISO and IVD Scientist, and will elevate on our current ISO and IVD compliant production processes, complementing the rapidly expanding range of products being manufactured at our facilities in Harrietsham UK.  Ann has previously worked in various Pharmaceutical and Clinical GMP environments and we look forward to her specialist skills being utilized within our growing Isohelix team.


Isohelix™ launches Saliva Microbiome DNA Collectors

Our new addition to the GeneFiX family, the Saliva Microbiome collectors stabilise bacterial DNA for at least 1 year at room temperature, removing the need for cold storage and complex cold chain logistics.

Instant stabilization, free from any human or bacterial DNA contamination, they provide a snapshot of the saliva microbiome at the moment of collection and are safe for at-home testing when the sample timing can be critical.

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