How can you collect a Saliva sample when the Patient can’t spit?

Published: 04 October, 2019

GeneFix DNA and RNA saliva collectors provide a simple and effective way to collect and stabilize a saliva specimen, and have been fully optimized to provide the highest quality DNA sample for analysis. The collection method involves the patient spitting into a funnel, which is attached to a tube containing DNA stabilizing buffer.

This method is very simple, but there will be some patients who are not able to spit into a funnel, which presents a challenge. These could be infants, elderly or patients with disabilities.

To address this issue, Isohelix offers Assisted collectors across the GeneFix range. The Assisted collectors are provided with a set of absorbent foam swabs, and the sample is collected by the simple method of soaking up saliva using the swab, and then squeezing the saliva out against the inside of the funnel. This allows collection of significantly more DNA than can be collected using a buccal swab, without invasive methods such as blood draw.

GFXA-01 – Assisted Collection & Stabilization Device for Saliva DNA & RNA

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