why Saliva?

Here Are a Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Saliva for Your Next DNA Study

Long term dna stabilization

Saliva samples collected in our GFX collectors are not only stabilized instantly, meaning no data is lost at collection, but it is stabilized for up to 5 years.

No cold chain

Unlike blood samples, saliva collected in our GFX collectors can be transported and stored at room temperature, meaning no cold chain required.

Non-Invasive Sample Method

A big problem with collecting blood is the need for a needle to put in your arm. This
requires qualified personnel as well as it being a generally unpleasant experience.

Saliva can be collected at home by anybody and, most importantly, doesn't require any
unpleasant needles.

high yields

Saliva from GFX collectors provides high yields, averaging around 10μg and in some cases exceeding 100μg .

Not only does saliva have high yields, it provides good quality DNA as well. This allows it to be used in multiple applications, including whole genome sequencing.

cost effective

Saliva is a far more cost effective method of sampling over blood.

Not only is the equipment more affordable, you also don't need the same qualifications and safety precautions as you do with blood.

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