GeneFiX™ DNA Saliva Isolation

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The GeneFiX™ Range

GeneFiX™ DNA Isolation Kits integrate various saliva collection options, ensuring that you gain maximum high purity DNA yields.

Saliva-Prep2 Isolation Kits

New GeneFiX Saliva-Prep 2 DNA Isolation Kit (GSPN)

Quickly and simply isolates the DNA from large volumes of saliva using a precipitation method resulting in high purity DNA yields without the need for solvents, columns or filtration. >> Read more…

Saliva DNA Mini / Midi Kits

Mini and Midi

The Mini or Midi format columns purify DNA from varying volumes of saliva with highest purities with minimum loses. Uses high performance silica spin columns. >> Read more…

NEW Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation Kits

The Saliva-Mag Kit uses high binding capacity magnetic beads for rapid, efficient DNA isolation. >> Read more…

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