Easy to Use Isolation Kits Designed Exclusively for Extracting DNA & RNA from Saliva and Buccal Swab Samples

Why Choose Isohelix Kits?

No Additional Alcohol or Solvents Needed

Many other kits require you to supply your own alcohol at an additional cost. Isohelix kits, like GSPN and BPP, include everything you need to perform your extraction process straight out of the box.

Non-Hazardous / Non-Toxic

A lot of kits use highly toxic materials such as phenol and chloroform or guanidine salts which are considered hazardous and will ruin sample purity if extraction isn’t performed correctly. Isohelix kits are completely non-hazardous and non-toxic and don’t use any harmful chemicals.

Optimized for Saliva and Buccal Samples

Most kits are generalized towards blood, tissue or cell culture. Our kits are designed from the ground up to work with saliva and buccal swab samples, providing better and more consistent results.

Environmentally Friendly

Our buffers are non-toxic, meaning they can be disposed down the sink safely unlike other harmful chemicals. We also ensure to use recyclable materials in our kits such as paper, cardboard and recyclable plastics.

Isohelix Offers Superior Performance

Isohelix Extraction Kits fully optimized chemistry offers improvements over alternative kits in both purity and yield.

Take Your Samples To Another Level Of Purity

DNA CleanUp (DCU)

DNA Cleanup Kit Is a Secondary Isolation Protocol That Further Improves The DNA Purification From Contaminated Saliva Or Buccal Samples

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