Isohelix Microbiome

High Quality Products for Collecting, Stabilizing and Extracting Microbial DNA 

Oral Microbiome

GeneFix Saliva Microbiome DNA

The MFX-01 has been optimized for collecting and stabilizing microbial DNA from 1ml saliva.

The MFX buffer instantly stabilizes saliva samples, providing a snapshot of the saliva microbiome at the point of collection. 

Available for research purposes.

Gut Microbiome

StoolFix Stabilization Buffer

StoolFix is a liquid buffer solution for the stabilization of gut microbiome DNA from faecal samples.

StoolFix has been designed specifically to help make acquiring stool samples easier whilst achieving maximum DNA yields and integrity.

Available for research purposes.

Environmental Microbiome

Isohelix Swabs

The Isohelix range of swabs has been designed to maximize sample collection in a wide variety of environments.

With it’s unique, abrasive head design, Isohelix swabs acquire maximum sample yield, ensuring the best possible levels of microbial DNA.

Available for diagnostic and research purposes.


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