December 22, 2017 1 minute

Isohelix has developed a new High Throughput Protocol for the rapid manual DNA Isolation of larger saliva volumes using common 96 deep well plates.

Isohelix has seen an increasing number of enquiries from scientists wishing to isolate DNA in large numbers of high volume saliva samples, inexpensively and quickly without having to commit to expensive automated instrumentation.

The GeneFixTM SalivaPrep2 isolation kit uses a unique and inexpensive chemistry, ideally suited for scaling to higher volume and DNA sample numbers without the losses for DNA Purity and Yields, yet has the added advantage of using centrifuges commonly found in most laboratories.

The SalivaPrep2 kit is flexible for any volume of sample. For support in optimizing for your unique needs, please contact the technical team, 

SalivaPrep2 HT Protocol