Isohelix launches the ‘SwabCatcher’ Swab DNA/RNA Collection Kit

Published: 22 January, 2024

NEW SwabCatcher tubes are used alongside RapiDri DNA and RNA Swab Kits designed to simplify the swabs transition through sample processing. The Tubes are also available pre-filled with BuccaLyse DNA and RNA stabilization buffer for room temperature shipping.

  • No more Swab retrieval issues
  • Automation, HT and Manual compatible
  • Barcoded for traceability
  • CE-IVD Certified
  • Fully transport tested to 95kPa

Product Information

SwabCapture             L/00/50                        50 x SwabCatcher 5ml collection tubes and caps(empty)

RapiDri                        RD-01                                200 x RapiDri swabs SwabCatcher with drying pouch

BuccaLyse                  BEK/L/05/50                50 x BuccaLyse SwabCatcher collection tubes pre-filled with 0.5ml buffer

BuccalFix                    BFX/L/05/50                50 x BuccalFix SwabCatcher collection tubes pre-filled with 0.5ml buffer

At Isohelix we use our extensive knowledge in product design, regulatory, safety & commercial markets to design products that make it easy for our customers to collect high quality nucleic acid samples from saliva, buccal cells, and stool samples.

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