Isohelix launches the SaliFix™ Saliva Swab DNA Collection Kit

Published: 22 January, 2024

Increasing numbers of saliva samples are being collected remotely from study participants for use in genetic testing, so the need for safe, simple and easy to use sample collection, stabilization and transportation is growing rapidly.

Studies have shown that DNA samples from swabs can degrade rapidly without the correct stabilization. SaliFix™ Collectors contain 1ml of preservation reagent that is designed to maintains DNA integrity and yields whilst preventing bacterial growth long term, yet provides easy and easy device for Saliva DNA collection, stabilization, and transport.

SaliFix™ Collectors are specifically designed for collecting Saliva samples in various environment including at home, in clinic or remotely. The foam swabs effectively maximizes saliva collection, even from donors who may find it difficult to produce saliva.

The SaliFix™ kit also includes the SwabCatcher format for improved Sample Handling

The NEW SwabCatcher tube simplifies sample processing and cuts down on cross-contamination as the cap holds the swab tightly after screwing the cap onto the tube. This removed the tedious process choice of having to cut the swab tip and or manually using tweezers to remove the swab prior to processing. This makes the tube ideal for high-throughput processing using automated instruments, and further the tubes are barcoded for easy sample tracking.

SwabCatcher tubes are leakproof and fully transport tested to 95kPa to allow mailing and storage, and the reagents are non-hazardous.

Agarose gel analyzed by electrophoresis. Saliva DNA isolated from SaliFixTM collection devices using the Isohelix Saliva-Prep-2 kit (GSPN-50), shows high quality DNA with no degradation.

DNA collected using SaliFix™ collectors is of high yield and purity, and suitable for all downstream analyses.

Saliva Swab DNA Collection Kit

  • All-in-one saliva DNA collection, stabilization, and transport device.
  • Uses the NEW Swab-Catcher for easy handling and automated-processing.
  • Simple collection at home, in clinic. a viable alternative to blood collection.
  • Instant stabilization maximises DNA yields allowing RT shipping and storage in a non-hazardous format.
  • Optimized for extraction using Isohelix DNA extraction and other kits.

Product Information

SFX/LS/1/50   SaliFix™ saliva collection tubes prefilled with 1ml SaliFix™ buffer and individually wrapped, foam saliva swabs.

Pack of 50 devices

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