December 9, 2021 1 minute

Isohelix Launches new Xtreme-RNA Purification Kit

Isohelix has launched a new Isolation kit designed especially for the swift and simple preparation of total human, viral and microbial RNA from stabilized saliva and swab samples.

Xtreme RNA is free from toxic reagents such as guanidine, phenol, chloroform, & β-mercaptoethanol.

Extracted samples are of high purity, ideal for use in downstream applications such as rt-qPCR and gene expression studies. Xtreme RNA is also scalable and can accommodate various sample input volumes

The unique properties of Isohelix stabilization chemistry combined with a rigorous Proteinase K digest to eliminate ubiquitous RNAses allows for isolation of high yield, high purity total RNA from stabilized saliva & swab samples.

Xtreme-RNA has been fully optimized for use with GeneFix GFX & RFX saliva collectors and swabs stored in BuccalFix stabilization solution.