Fast & Simple Post-PCR Purification

Published: 08 March, 2023

The new DCU PCR Clean-up protocol allows for fast, efficient recovery of low-quality DNA samples and purification of post-PCR samples ready for use in sequencing and other applications using an all-in-one method, without the need for columns, gel extractions or additional solvents.

The Isohelix DCU DNA CleanUp Kit is a valuable, supplementary purification step that takes less than 30 minutes to fully reclaim low purity samples without sacrificing yield, preventing costly retesting and wasting valuable laboratory time.

To highlight the effectiveness of the Isohelix DCU DNA CleanUp Kit for recovery of low-purity samples, five poor-quality DNA samples were purified using the DCU Clean-up protocol and compared before and after processing.

Results show a significant increase in sample purity after using the DCU DNA CleanUp Kit which in downstream processes would have been the difference between a failed and a successful sample.

Unlike most other purification kits, the DCU’s unique and non-hazardous purification chemistry doesn’t require additional solvents such as ethanol or isopropanol, making it safer and more cost effective.

Not only does the DCU not require single use plastic spin columns, but it also uses completely recyclable materials, meaning a much lower impact on the environment.

The DCU kit is also optimized to work with unsatisfactory buccal and saliva DNA samples, but is also compatible with DNA from other sample sources.

In addition, the DCU includes a NEW method to purify samples following PCR without the need for time-consuming gel extractions; removing primers, polymerases, salts, and other impurities from amplified DNA, ready to use in sequencing and other downstream applications.”

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