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Isohelix™ DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs

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Isohelix™ DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs

The Isohelix™ range of DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs has been specifically designed to give increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA and all species of RNA. Buccal cell sampling offers a viable alternative to blood collection and together with the Isohelix™ range of DNA & RNA Stabilization and DNA Isolation kits, enables high yields of pure, intact DNA and RNA to be collected easily and quickly.

Our DNA/RNA swabs are suitable for both human and veterinary use and offer significant advantages over other swab designs in terms of efficiency of cell collection by the unique swab matrix, which combined with a quick release surface, maximizes yields of DNA. Swab batches are ethylene oxide treated and routinely tested for human DNA contamination.


    • Unique swab matrix greatly improves DNA/RNA yields
    • Alternative to blood collection
    • Human and veterinary use
    • Easy to handle and quick to use
    • Single, twin and triple packs available
    • Mini Swabs Reduced size for small subjects


  • Research genotyping
  • Veterinary genotyping and diagnostics
  • Paternity and heredity services
  • Forensics and DNA/RNA population studies


Isohelix™ Swabs are supplied in a variety of formats to suit different collection protocols and stabilization methods



The SK-1S DNA/RNA swab uses the unique swab matrix design to efficiently collect buccal cell samples.

Following sampling you simply snap the shaft just above the swab head and place into the tube provided, then seal for containment.

» View the SK-1S Video Protocol

DNA/RNA Buccal Swab Pack:
1 buccal swab with 5ml tube and cap

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The SK-2S has the same features as the SK-1S except that it includes a unique cap design which allows you to simply push the entire swab head from off the shaft into the collection tube after sampling.

This format has the advantage of being easier to manipulate at the DNA isolation stage whether using manual or HT extraction methods.

» View the SK-2S Video Protocol

DNA/RNA Buccal Swab Pack:
1 buccal swab with 2ml tube and special release cap

SK-3S, SK-4S & SK-5S

The SK-3S, SK-4S and SK-5S formats all use the same design and materials used in the SK-1S and SK-2S formats, and have exactly the same advantages for efficiently collecting buccal cell samples.

Like the SK-1S, you can quickly snap the shaft at the breakpoint if you wish to store the swab in a tube. If this is your preferred method, Cell Projects has available pre capped tubes that can be ordered with these formats.

» View the SK-S, SK-4S & SK-5S Video Protocol

SK-3S: 1 Buccal Swab per wrapper
SK-4S: 2 Buccal Swabs per wrapper
SK-5S: 3 Buccal Swabs per wrapper

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MS Mini DNA/RNA Swabs

The MS Mini DNA/RNA Swabs use exactly the same matrix material as the SK swabs so there is significant history of use but have reduced dimensions and area. The width of the swab has been reduced from 8mm to 6mm and employs a slightly different shaft attachment enabling a yield close to the SK swabs.

The swabs are ethylene oxide sterilized and are available in different swabs numbers per wrapper , the break point has been reduced compared to the SK swab allowing it to be used in smaller tubes.

» View the Mini DNA/RNA swab video protocol


  • Small Mammals, invertebrates and other animals
  • Mice genotyping
  • Automation friendly


  • Smaller surface area size
  • Very high pro rata yields
  • Fits smaller tubes so can be 96 racked
  • Lower break point to fit shorter tubes
  • Uses identical swab material to SK series

MS-01:1 Buccal Swab with tube and cap per wrapper (100 per box)
MS-02:1 Buccal Swab per wrapper (250 per box)
MS-03:2 Buccal Swabs per wrapper (250 pairs per box)
MS-04:3 Buccal Swabs per wrapper (200 triplicates per box)

Buccal Swab with RapiDri™ Pouch

The RapiDri™ swab kit combines the Isohelix™ Buccal swab matrix with a moisture wicking pouch to quickly dry the sample in a protected environment. The pouch conveniently acts as a transport pack, meeting most international shipping requirements, while preventing DNA contamination from external sources.

The kit is supplied with an adhesive barcode label. All contents are Ethylene Oxide treated.

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In some countries this product is designated ‘Research Use Only’. Further information is available in our How to Order page.

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