High Throughput Magnetic Bead DNA Isolation

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High Throughput Magnetic Bead DNA Isolation

GeneFiX™ Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit

Magnetic bead DNA isolation is a fast and reliable method for medium to high throughput purification of DNA samples.

Isohelix™ has developed the Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit specifically for DNA saliva samples, achieving a fast and efficient methodology, with the maximum purity and yield required for demanding downstream applications.

The kit includes high binding capacity beads with a large surface area for fast attachment, enabling rapid isolation of intact genomic DNA from GeneFiX™ sample collectors.

Variable volumes can be processed, from a full GeneFiX™ 2ml saliva collector, to a 0.5ml saliva aliquot, allowing for flexibility and repeated sampling.

As with all Isohelix™ DNA isolation kits, no harmful or toxic buffers are used, to allow safe, straightforward sample processing.


  • High Binding Capacity to maximize sample yields
  • High purity and yield for enhanced downstream performance
  • Variable sample volumes for flexible methodology
  • Non Toxic to reduce risk considerations over other kits
  • Makes use of original tubes to reduce waste and cost

Product Codes

GSM-12, GSM-48
GeneFiX™ Saliva-Mag for 12 x 2ml saliva (or 96 x 0.25ml) and 48 x 2ml (or 384 x 0.25ml)

Research Use Only

GeneFiX™ Mag-Rack

To enhance the features of the new Saliva-Mag DNA Isolation kit, we have designed a custom magnetic rack.

The unique rack design enables up to 12 whole GeneFiX™ samples to be easily and quickly isolated in their original collection tubes. There is also capacity for 6 microtubes for processing smaller saliva volumes. The Magnetic rack also offers the flexibility to reduce final volumes to increase DNA concentrations as required.

The compact design also means that several racks can be used at one time to improve sample throughput further.


  • For all GeneFiX™ formats – offers flexibility
  • Small Footprint – for multiple racks or limited space
  • Powerful magnets – efficient and fast processing
  • Variable Volume – broad sample flexibility
  • Compatible to most downstream chemistries

Product Catalogue Numbers

GeneFiX™ Mag-Rack, 24 places (12 x GeneFiX™, 6 x Microtube each side)

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