BuccalFix™ Plus DNA Isolation Kit

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BuccalFix™ Plus DNA Isolation Kit

The BuccalFix™ Plus DNA Isolation Kits are designed to easily and quickly purify DNA already stored in BuccalFix™ Stabilization buffers.  The kit comes with all the reagents required to perform the necessary isolation steps, including Proteinase K to produce DNA with high yields and purity for all downstream processing applications. The protocol is extremely flexible and easily adjusted if there are varying volumes to be purified. The average processing time for 0.5 ml is under 1 hour, with no solvents, alcohol or other buffers required.


  • Specifically designed for DNA Buccal Swabs
  • Can be scaled up or down for varying volumes
  • Gives extremely high yields and purity ratios
  • Easy-to-Use  with rapid protocol times
  • Can be used in single or automated formats
  • Contains no solvents or ethanol
  • Negligible levels of co-eluted RNA

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To process 50 samples

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